I received my official Health Coach certification from the Health Coach Institute  The Health Coach Institute is a CCE accredited program by the International Coach Federation, (ICF). To receive this certification I had to complete 6+ months of educational coursework, training, lab work, testing, and take a minimum of 2 real life practice clients through a minimum of a 3 month transformation program.

Additionally, I am presently working to complete an extension to this coursework and certification for expansion in advanced nutrition for coaches.


I am presently completing extended training and certification in the field of life coaching through the Health Coach Institute which is a CCE accredited school by the International Coach Federation, (ICF).


I am a trained and IACT certified colon hydro therapist. To receive this certification I completed 100 + hours of onsite accredited education and hands on training pertaining to Anatomy & Physiology, safe and effective use of Class 2 medical grade equipment, and other training to ensure proper understanding to conduct safe and ethical business practices. Additionally, I completed over 60 hours of accredited formal education and testing in Anatomy & Physiology course(s) which greatly enhances my knowledge of body mechanics. The above coursework and training has greatly enhanced my understanding of the alimentary tract and digestive processes to better aid clients in transforming various aspects of their health, diet, weight loss, and gut issue needs.


I am presently completing extended training and certifications in the field of fitness and exercise. My federally accredited education, training and certifications are being completed through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) where I am enhancing the certification as a Fitness Trainer with the certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Exercise Therapy Specialist.  ISSA offers the first and only United States federally accredited fitness education programs and system.


I am CPR/ AED Certified and both carry and maintain this 2 year certification through the National CPR Foundation. I am presently expanding this certification to include First Aid Certification. 



My university training was completed  at the University of Nevada where I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration. During my undergraduate studies, I expanded my education by including, and successfully completing, a myriad of courses in psychology, marriage family therapy, various other social studies as well as obtaining an additional 2 year degree in Business Management

I have participated in and or completed hundreds of hours of coursework and training within the fields of management, marketing, divination tools, spiritual development, psychology, and more!

Additional to my formal education, I have extensive corporate level experience in the following areas: large scale public speaking, the creation/implementation/launching of business marketing strategies, online media productions, website creation, building and maintenance of social media platforms, planning  and hosting of large scale private/ public events, planning and facilitation of multi-million dollar level corporate board meetings & the organization and oversight of large scale projects exceeding $250,000.

With that being said, while education and certification is essential it is not the only piece. So if you are reading my educational background and asking yourself: “BUT IS THIS ENOUGH TO GET ME/MY CLIENTS WHERE I/WE WANT TO GO??”


Knowledge does not equal behavior change. So just as “knowing what to do” isn’t usually enough for us to  create lasting change in our lives, I am thrilled to assure you that I utilize much more than just textbook knowledge.  My life has been one  rich of challenging, yet growth building experiences, which I vigorously tapped into while building my signature transformation programs, products and services. It is incredibly important to me that the individuals I work with receive tools and techniques that have practical and realistic application rather than theory only. I never ask a client to go where I have not been before, am willing to go now, or willing to explore in the future.

Often when we are struggling the number one thing that can often makes us feel alone, is when we feel like no one understands what we are going through. This also makes it harder to see a way out of our pain.

“The GREATEST ASSET I bring to the table is what no text book can teach- I bring raw knowledge and personal self mastery of a plethora of struggles, weaknesses, bad habits, addictions, weight & health issues, spiritual awakening, mental health treatment and more! I am always willing to tap into this authentic life experience, and even share verbally, my successes and failures, what I have learned from them, and the tools I  utilized to overcome them. I work every day towards improving myself upon my journey, and never cease efforts towards building and maintaining my dream life…it would bring me great joy to help you or your client do the same!”