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new to my site thumbnailRachel Stewart is an Integrative Health/Life Coach, Psychic Guide, Energy Worker & Healer, Motivational Speaker, and CEO of Spend Smart Live Happy, LLC. Rachel inspires change and brings a uniquely dynamic approach to transformation while working with an international audience and client base.  




  • Private or Group Career & General Life Coaching 
  • Private or Group Integrative Health Coaching: Mind, Body, & Spirit.
  • Private or Group Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring (Spiritual Awakening, Ascension, Development of spiritual and/or psychic gifts/abilities, learning tarot, shaman or healer journeying, etc) 
  • Private or Group Mental Health/ Mental Illness and Addiction Coaching  
  • Meditation and Breath Work 
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing 
  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing
  • Soul Alignment
  • Tarot Reading & Astrological Services (Love, Relationship, Career, Finance, General, Month Ahead, Year Ahead, and more…)
  • House Cleansing/ Energy Clearing/ Blessing Services
  • Aroma Therapy 
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
  • Public speaking services, Workshops & Retreats
  • Consulting Services for individuals, businesses or healthcare professionals