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Since I was a young girl I dreamed of the simple things. I wanted a husband, children, a home to call my own, and I wanted to help others with creating healing within their lives. Today I live with my husband, 12 year old daughter, on our little homestead in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and a garden! I have been tremendously blessed to have the opportunity to successfully build my coaching & healing business, build a homestead, home school my daughter, and pursue any and all of my passions in life. My life is one of pleasantness and sweetness. I am an artist and a musician and am presently embarking on adding the didgeridoo and bagpipes to my musical instrument ensemble! Aside from creative ventures, I enjoy yoga,hiking, backpacking, weightlifting, running, archery, axe /knife throwing, cooking, watching movies, reading, travel and adventure! I generally spend my days either meeting clients at the office, making YouTube videos, at home with my family, or in the garden with the animals! I can honestly say that I love my life, however I remember the days when today’s reality would have only been a dream. My journey has been one of great adversity and strife, but I thank my maker daily for the great experiences I have had, as they are now what allow me to join my clients on their journey from a place of genuine love, compassion, and understanding. Please continue reading below to learn more about some of my personal history, challenges, and difficulties I have overcome, that directly impact and shape my health/life coaching practice, and have made me the proud and strong woman I feel I am today.  



“After having been a victim of sexual abuse and assault on multiple separate occasions both in childhood and into adulthood, I learned to turn to food as a coping mechanism and attempted to both eat away the pain as well as hide behind an emotional “mask” of nearly 100 pounds on my only 5’2 frame. At my heaviest, I weighed over 215 pounds and was a size 20! Just prior to making change, I had given up, admitted defeat, and then tried to convince myself I was completely okay with being a “pretty plus size woman”. While I did love myself, and generally speaking had good self esteem, I was deceiving myself and was in no way satisfied with being a plus size single girl. After a decade of fad diets, crash dieting, diet pills, deprivation, binge eating, obsessive routines and rituals I had finally had enough of the yo-yo’ing and decided to at last make some permanent change. So I committed to change- no matter what and no matter how long it would take. I lost almost 100 pounds without a gym, without a trainer, or diet pills, crazy restrictions or eliminations, or the counting of calories…and I even ate dessert every day! Through making sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle changes I have managed to lose the weight and keep it off for over 2 years. Today I weigh approximately 140 pounds and am a size 6. I personally understand the immense struggles that come with weight loss after trauma, after childbirth, and while being a working parent. I would love to help you get started on your weight loss journey today!”


“I began being treated for depression and anxiety at age 14 during a difficult and emotional time. Throughout the following violent and tumultuous next ten years, I battled with all of the following issues: suicide, addiction, depression, debilitating anxiety, unemployment, damaged relationships, paranoia, delusions, grandiose behavior, and more. In 2009 I was properly re-diagnosed with Type 1 Bi Polar Disorder with accompanying anxiety and PTSD. I began working closely with psychiatrists and psychotherapists to become stable and productive. However, the journey towards health, happiness, and stability proved harder than I had anticipated. What started out as a heaven sent diagnosis and explanation for the madness in my life, quickly became a very challenging and oftentimes frustrating journey of countless medications, painful and dangerous pharmaceutical side effects, doctors visits, continuance of self medication efforts, and ultimately a stand still on my health and happiness. I was a star patient. I NEVER stopped my medications, I always attended my appointments, I closely monitored my moods, was immensely self aware and in tune, had healthy relationships, stable living situation, independence, a college degree, successful and lucrative career, but…I also was a closet alcoholic and abused substance to cope with anxiety, was a food addict and nearly 100 pounds overweight, suffering from extremely high levels of stress and adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, fears, traumas, and was far from what I deemed as true health, happiness, and stability. So, I made my health my primary focus and made massive lifestyle changes in all of the following areas: diet, nutrition/supplementation, the elimination of all mood & mind altering substances, meditation, yoga, exercise, spiritual practice, self regulation techniques, morning and evening routines, and more. Under careful supervision of my medical and support team, I embarked upon the year and half long journey towards becoming medication free. I can proudly say that I have been medication free and treating myself holistically for years and have never felt better. I am the happiest, most healthy, and most stable I have ever been, and continue to regularly seek counsel by my medical team for follow up and monitoring to ensure my success. I love to work with clients of all needs; however my greatest passion and ultimate expertise comes in working with those who are suffering from any mind or mood health related issues.  I help my clients gain greater stability and happiness in their lives, with or without the use of medications, because the techniques that I teach in my practice are not theory based but rather are tried and true practices that I personally use to effectively and successfully treat and manage my mental illness while remaining medication free. If you or someone you love is suffering, please reach out to me and see how I can help. It is my mission on this earth to help change the face of mental health, create more awareness through education, promote alternate treatment practices, provide inspiration and hope to others, and most importantly spread messages of joy and for the celebration of mental illness. It is because of the immense passion I feel towards this very sensitive subject, that I run my local support group and also love sharing positive awareness through my social media platforms. While my mental illness was the underlying source of much pain, suffering, and destruction in my earlier years…it is that very same abundance of creative energy that I have now learned to master through proper channeling, and is now the source of my greatest joy, ambitions, and success in life. Inside every diagnosed individual is a master creator at heart. Reach out and help me MAKE CHANGE today!”


“As a result of past trauma, a difficult home life, and improper mental health treatments, I had a very troubled childhood and emotional state. I began abusing substance by age 14 and was a raging drug addict by my early 20’s. After an attempted suicide by drug overdose, extreme weight loss and other drug induced health issues, I finally began to accept that I had an addiction problem. So I sought help through organizations such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and through professionals such as doctors, counselors and therapists. Over the following years I found measurable improvement and success, and to the outside world was just your average working woman. But I suffered greatly inside, and was not really any better but rather just better at maintaining my substance abuse within limits that still allowed me to be successful and productive. However I was still seeking ways to escape and numb out the great pains inside me. Much later along my journey when I desired to become medication free, and to at last learn how to self soothe, cope, and function without needing outside people, places or things to make me “feel better”, I knew I would have to finally become clean and sober. My soul cried to finally be free of the chains of my addictions. To finally be free of the painful cycles of numbing my pain in moments of stress, and then chasing the next opportunity to do it all again. So I embarked on the journey of becoming a master of my energies and my emotions, and through massive lifestyle change, I began to shift my consciousnesses and become whole from the inside out. I used meditation, yoga, diet, nutrition, exercise, spiritual practice and more to transform my mind and become addition free after nearly 20 years of suffering. I have a family history of substance abuse, suffer from mental illness, was a victim of sexual abuse and assault, and spent a decade in struggle and strife as a single mom. Therefore, I completely understand how difficult it can be to overcome addictive behaviors. But I believe in you, because I believe anything is possible when we truly believe in and desire change. I would love to join you on your journey towards a level of self mastery and personal excellence and strength that you both deserve and can totally manifest!”


“For as long as I can remember I had a fascination with spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, and the unknown. However, as a result of having been raised in a strong Christian household and culture, exploration of these concepts and practices was not permitted. Most intuitives, empaths, and or psychics/mediums will testify that the journey towards self acceptance, personal understanding, and integration of gifts into the external world is generally a long fought one and not without its struggles and triumphs. For decades, my dreams, intuition, and channeled messages were kept private. Openly sharing my gifts and my truths was a great fear; however as I began my spiritual awakening process and began massively transforming my life, I could no longer hide what I knew I was being called to. It is my personal belief that we all have capabilities and gifts that extend beyond what we ever utilize during our earthly experience. So I am no more special or unique that another, but rather have come to help serve others along their spiritual paths and have worked hard to further develop the various gifts and abilities I have been blessed with to better serve my clients. I intimately understand the challenges one must face when embarking upon a spiritual ascension, and I fully understand how lonely this road can feel at times. Sometimes we can experience things, or begin to develop certain aspects of consciousness and feel very alone and unguided in that process. Out of fear of stigma or criticism we may find ourselves walking the spiritual path alone and silently wishing for guidance. It was not an easy path but I have now embraced, accepted, and integrated my gifts into my life, my work, and my purpose. I work with the tarot and oracle cards, energy, and channeled messages. I am here to utilize my gifts, offer help and guidance to others, to create healing and joy in the lives of others, as well as to provide coaching and guidance to those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening and or development of new spiritual gifts and talents. “


“After the birth of my daughter in 2006, I began using hormonal IUD as a means of family planning. During the year 2018 when my husband and I decided to begin trying to conceive, I assumed my active, healthy and substance free lifestyle would make conception easy. Upon having my IUD removed I was informed that the use of the hormonal IUD could potentially cause miscarriage or other fertility issues. In disbelief I left the doctors office and began attempting to conceive. Since August of 2018, I have had two pregnancies and two miscarriages. These events were not only unexpected and unplanned for, but were emotionally devastating, and highly destructive to my body and hormone levels. Through this experience, I have learned a great deal, and have gained tremendous understanding of potential setbacks to conception, helpful tools and insights to navigate the “unexpected”, understanding and empathy towards the pains of losing a child, and so much more. It is my true desire to hep woman become empowered in their health, become more aware of their bodies and reproductive capabilities, gain more education about options for family planning so as to enable more women to feel safe, prepared, and cared for along thier feminine journey! “